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We spoke to brokers—from junior to veteran—and asked them what kinds of people made life difficult for them. From vendors and tenants to colleagues, here are the six people brokers prefer to avoid:

Pushy Service Providers

While service providers can create lots of value for you and your clients, the pushiest of the lot are a different breed. Whether they sell furniture or data services, they are constantly on the hunt for leads. Instead of making their own connections like the rest of us, they constantly leech on to you to feed them business. Avoid these people, and avoid recommending them to your clients, unless you know them very well. They are not likely to refer business back to you, and their poor performance might end up reflecting on you and your reputation.

Tenants with unrealistic expectations

If you’ve been involved in commercial leasing for a while, you probably came across a tenant who is too demanding. Usually, they’ve been in business for a long time, and now they feel entitled to make crazy demands left and right. This tenant expects breaks on rent and security deposits, and exceptionally customized space. We hope you’ll never have to work with such clients, but if you do, brace yourself.

The Broker Who Knows Everything

Maybe they do know it all. Maybe they are blessed with market extra-sensory-perception, but more often than not, they’re wrong. These brokers are not receptive to new ideas and humility has never been their strong suit. They don’t share their information and they claim credit for other peoples’ efforts. When you come across one of these brokers just take a deep breath, smile, and remember—this too shall pass.

The Selfish Broker

Let’s face it, brokerage is a competitive industry, and everyone in the business has his or her interests in mind. Some brokers take it too far when they are putting their interests before their clients’. They may withhold important information, or simply misrepresenting the facts to close the deal. Our advice: whether you’re a tenant rep or a landlord agent, do not associate yourself with the Selfish Broker, and always keep your clients’ interests your top priority.

The Security Guard

Brokers need access to buildings. Your prospects are sitting in there, desperate for your support and services. Alas, the gatekeepers of the building guard the entrance in their crisp ironed uniforms. Armed with walkie-talkies, they can make or break your canvassing goals and are indeed bothersome.

The Tease

After pouring in hours to put a deal together for one of your tenants, this landlord agent is showing signs of progress, and you start to get excited. Each meeting seems to bring you one step nearer to a close. But then, at the drop of a hat, your calls are being screened and you’re left holding a worthless contract. It is heartbreaking when you later learn that another broker closed the deal. If you want to see your deals close, try to build relationships with a selected group of building agents you can trust.

Have you come across one or more of these types? Are there others who annoy you?
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Jen Lee

Jen Lee is our marketing intern from sunny Singapore. She spends her time thinking out of the box and creating content at CompStak. When not exploring New York with her trusty Canon camera, she is on the hunt for good food. Jen believes in books, running and happy conversations.

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