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In this first video of a series, we asked Michael Mandel, Co-Founder and CEO of CompStak, about the company and why he decided to become an entrepreneur.
Biweekly, we'll bring you more, such as:

  • His thoughts about the future of CRE and how big data will play a role
  • The challenges he has faced starting a CRE-based company in a tech-resistant industry
  • The importance of both finding and hiring a great team
  • And much more, so stay tuned.

ps: We learned with this video that our conference room acoustics and lighting aren't quite film quality, so please pay no heed. Thanks ahead of time :).

A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur: Part 1

Written by:

Amber Watrous

Amber Watrous works to develop innovative ways to engage and grow the CompStak network of users. As the point person for our markets on the West Coast, she aims to keep our members happy and relay their feedback to the team. Among her favorite things are: music, brunch, travel, Mad Men, charcuterie, and yoga. And, wine. She really loves wine.


David Peterson

Imran Jiwa is our hybrid intern specializing in both expanding the company and Canadian enterprise sales. Imran is from the great nation of Canada where he enjoys playing street hockey and eating Canadian poutine.