To our amazing and law abiding members:

You may have heard that CoStar has filed a "John Doe" lawsuit in U.S. District Court, in order to obtain a court order to compel CompStak to release the names of four of its customers that CoStar claims have breached its contracts and copyrights.

We firmly believe that CoStar's lawsuit is meritless and anticompetitive, and is simply an effort to intimidate our members and discourage them from using CompStak. To this end, the FTC has been made aware of our concerns. Yesterday, we filed an emergency motion to protect our members, and to prevent our having to share their names. These members have already been contacted by us, and they have made declarations that they DID NOT provide any of CoStar's data to CompStak.

I encourage you to read our press release, issued this morning, as well as the motion we filed yesterday. I am available to answer ANY questions or concerns that you have, and to ensure you that CompStak will continue to protect our members' privacy. As I mention in the press release, we know that our members are savvy enough to read through CoStar's baseless allegations, and we are proud to have such incredible support in the CRE community.

With my thanks for your commitment to CompStak and to fighting evil doers.

Michael Mandel