Ok, so I haven't posted since 2011, and even then I didn't say all that much. Well, all that is going to change . . . starting now.  I've been preoccupied in my transition from real estate broker to entrepreneur.  Now that CompStak is about to launch it's time to start writing.  With that in mind, I am proud to announce, that BrokeredNYC is now THE COMPSTAK BLOG.  A better name will come soon, and perhaps a better blogging platform as well.

I will still use this platform to provide tips on leasing office space in NYC and topics related to the CRE brokerage world, but now there's more to talk about like the future of the commercial real estate industry, the impact of real estate technology on the way we do business, and the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship.

If you like what you read, gives us a shout, and sign up for an invite to CompStak!