In case you haven't seen our tweets, Facebook posts, or talked to us, you may not know how excited we are about all of the exposure we've been getting lately.

It all started with The Wall Street Journal - Crowd-Sourcing the Details of the Deals

and from there, we got picked up in a bunch of other publications, like these:

The Real Deal - New Technology Bets on Brokers' Loose Lips

The Tenant Advisor - The Business of Lease Comps

First Page Network - A Secret Comp Sharing Society

In the past we were lucking enough to be covered by:

A Student of the Real Estate Game - CompStak - A Marketplace for CRE Lease Comps

AG Beat - CompStak Crowd Sources Office Lease Comparables

We Are NY Tech - Michael Mandel

So what have we learned from all this?

1) Press is good for entrepreneurs. When reporters reached out to us in the past and offered to write about CompStak, we held them off until we were ready to launch.  When the WSJ called, we knew better than to pass up a great opportunity.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  We've gotten a ton of hits on our website, invite requests for new users, calls from potential investors, and good vibes from the industry.  Was there a risk? definitely, but in the end the risk paid off.  We may not be totally ready for prime time, but our beta testers, investors, and the real estate community have been forgiving.

2) Don't overlook the details.  For months, we didn't have a "contact us" page on our website.  It seems trivial, but we learned from a reporter that she had trouble finding us!  We made sure to fix this before our article came out, and wouldn't you know . . . we started getting calls on 8 am of the day the article was published.

3) Don't BS.  We told the WSJ how many comps we had our in system.  They called around, and we found out that lots of people in the CRE brokerage community didn't believe us!  The WSJ called and asked us to prove it, and we did!  We came out looking like the good guys.  Could you imagine if we made up that number!

I'm sure there are lot of other things we've learned from the experience, and there will definitely be a lot more to learn. We'll keep you posted :-)