Thanks to Marissa Oberlander for a great write up in today's Chicago Bisnow newsletter! Remember, CompStak is launching in Chicago on August 1st. Share comps before our launch to get double points (i.e two comps for every one you share). Check out Marissa's story below:

Leasing Comps Reimagined 

A new broker info alternative is coming to Chicago next month, CompStak's David Peterson tells us. The skinny on the Stak (team snapped above): it's a crowdsourced database of lease comps, provided by brokers, appraisers, and anyone else in the know about a deal. It's based on digital currency—you give comps to get comps. How they make money: selling their market data in total (he says that's already 99% of office deals in Manhattan, their first market that launched a year and a half ago) to landlords, private equity firms, banks for underwriting, etc.