Just last week Grubb & Ellis released the February 2010 market update for the National Data Center Practice Group. Since I'm a member of this group, and this month's update focuses on the New York City Metro Market, I had the pleasure of writing this month's report. The information in the report is based on information and research I have compiled over the last three years while working on the Deep Run data center project and other projects.

The report highlights the biggest deals completed in 2009, and focuses on why the New York City metro data center market is so unique. As a result of this market update, I was proud to see that Data Center Journal used our content in an article titled "New York's Data Center 'Doughnut'" in Monday's Data Center Journal. Unfortunately, they didn't cite their reference for the article, but we let them know our concerns, and I'm sure they'll do the right thing and give us a shout out.

Here's the Data Center Journal article. Happy reading!