Did you ever notice that every single lease comp in our database includes the name of the analyst who reviewed it? The CompStak comp machine may seem like a black box from the outside, but inside there is a team of super smart researchers working their big data magic to bring you the comps you depend on. This week, we would like to introduce you to some of the experts who keep the comp machine running so smoothly

Noam Shahar is Head of Research and the leader of the pack.

Diana Bishop is a research analyst. She makes sure Manhattan comps are loaded as fast as possible, and she also hires all our interns. (Her interviews are legendary!)

Emmanual Koduah is a research analyst in charge of protecting the president’s comps in the Washington DC database.

When you aren’t reviewing comps, what are you working on?
Diana: Whipping interns into shape. (I manage a team of interns on the research team.) I am also very involved in product testing. We’re working on a system to make comp integrations more effective, meaning we can load comps faster while maintaining the quality of the data. Noam: Diana’s leading the charge on creating the manufacturing for the comp factory… And I whip the rest of the research team into shape.

What do you do for fun?

Noam: I have a newborn now, so I have a lot of joy, but no fun. When I do get some time off, I like to research the best places to eat in the city.
Emmanuel: I walk around the streets of Manhattan. Just kidding! I like to stay active in leagues in football and basketball. I'm also a movie buff; my apartment is tiny so I use the CompStak office as my living room. I’m here literally every weekend.
Diana: Well, I have a projector screen at home so I watch movies on it. I like to cook but our gas has been out of order for the past week. I assure you I paid my bills though.

*CompStakers at the annual CampStak retreat*

What is the weirdest comp you have ever seen?

Diana: Woody Butts in Dallas. There’s also Condoms to Go. We’re all very mature as you can tell.
Emmanuel: There are many government tenants in the DC market. I’ve seen random things like the National Coalition for Truck Drivers Who Like to Drink Beer. Sometimes tenant names get truncated and you get really funny results, like the National Coalition of Women Ass(ociation).
Noam: My favorite is Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, with offices in both Palo Alto and Dallas.

If you were a comp, what comp would you be?

Noam: I’d be a restaurant comp- because I’m delicious!
Emmanuel: I’d be a Silicon Valley tech company comp.
Diana: I'd be 375 Park Avenue, New York- I am class A!

If you could load comps from anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Noam: Sitting in a hammock, in a tropical country, on a volcano, where there is no internet.
Emmanuel: Spread out on the comfy CompStak couch, with HBO on. CompStak is my living room.
Diana: Comploading weekend with the research team in Sonoma while drinking wine.

What is your favorite part of working at CompStak, aside from comp loading?

Diana: I get involved in process improvements beyond just reviewing and loading comps. And the people are awesome.
Emmanuel: Unlimited vacation, free snacks, free living room, random thank you bonuses from our CEO for going the extra mile; people are awesome. Research people in particular!
Noam: Great people, great challenges. The fact that I have the best team and that I get to tell them what to do every day.

*Noam takes a nap while the rest of team does all the work.*

How do you like your coffee?

Diana: Loads of half and half - no sugar
Emmanuel: Lots of sugar + milk. I drink it for the taste.
Noam: Black-Americano. Unless Diana makes it for me.

What is your favorite snack in the snack area?

Noam: Sriracha cashews used to be my favorite, but now I really like the jalapeno cashews.
Emmanuel: Skinny cow coned ice creams.
Diana: I like the Avocado oil potato chips.

*Snack time is integral to integrating comps*

There you go folks - a peek into the CompStak comp machine!
Your comps are in very good hands, because above all, our Research Team is made of comp nerds who eat, sleep and breathe comps.

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