Quantifying the Impact of Better Data on Commercial Real Estate Deal Making

Data-driven business decision-making is transforming whole industries with unprecedented insight into opportunities and threats. But when it comes to gaining insight into leasing markets, many CRE professionals derive their transaction insights from traditional sources, which are based on asking rents, market-level trends and small samples of relevant deals. These data limitations can cost investors, lenders, and owners millions of dollars in suboptimal decision-making. This three-part report establishes that real estate professionals can significantly improve their bottom lines using accurate, granular deal level data.
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Part Two: Starting Rents Produce Better Models Than Asking Rents#

Brokerage reports on leasing trends rely on asking rents instead of taking rents because that is the only data available to them at scale. Asking rents, however, like the sticker price on a used car, can vary widely from the final agreed upon terms. How much so? It changes quarter to quarter and market to market, but starting rents for office leases over the past five quarters were as much as 14% higher than starting rents in New York and San Francisco.

For example, Forecasting rental income for a 15,000 SQFT space based on its asking rent of $51.30 PSF instead of its starting rent of $45 PSF would result in a $94,500 discrepancy in the first year alone

  • Leases signed in Class A buildings for 50,000 SQFT or more averaged $64.83 PSF in starting rent.
  • Leases signed in pre-war Class B buildings had an average starting rent of $53.89 PSF
  • Leases for spaces from the 10th floor and higher had an average starting rent of $63.03 PSF.
  • Subleases averaged only $45.54 PSF in starting rent.
  • The difference can be even greater when a single set of competitive properties is evaluated.

Asking Rents Vs. Starting Rents

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