It was so nice of Mr. Chris Baird to come by and cover the launch.  The event went off without a hitch, and we had a great time!

Seen at Washington Harbour

By: Chris Baird
Yesterday, a new broker info alternative arrived in DC. We snapped CompStak CEO Michael Mandel (right, with MRP Realty'sZach Wade and Bob Murphy and Berman EnterprisesCasey Berman) at Tony & Joe's at Washington Harbour for the company's DC launch last week. The skinny on the Stak, according to Michael: It's a crowdsourced database of lease comps, provided by brokers, appraisers, and anyone else in the know about a deal. Berman is an investor in CompStak, Casey tells us, and MRP helped sponsor the DC launch.
Also on hand: Ezra's Mark Brody and Marilyn Brody and Ricoh's Chris Tosh.