It's hard to believe, but it's been four years since I started this blog, and now that I'm starting to revamp it, I'm astounded by how much real estate technology has changed as have the people who write about real estate online.

I decided to go through the links I listed years ago of my "favorite real estate sites" and "favorite real estate blogs."  I was astounded to see, that most of them no longer exist or have been dormant for some time, and it's not just the blogs, it's the publications!

In Memorium, here are the publications and blogs that are no longer with us:

  • Commercial Property News
  • Cityhammer
  • Real Estate New York
  • Deal Junkie
  • Midtown South Daily
  • StreetWise
  • The Commercial Investor
  • Dirt Lawyer's Blog
I'm sure there are many others, in their place there are terrific new ones, like:
The question is, why did so many of these publications and blogs fail? Perhaps I should really be asking myself the same question since BrokeredNYC laid dormant for so long.  What do you think?